At eMusicTeacher, we are dedicated professionals who are committed to your success.  That’s why we offer unlimited ongoing support and assistance to you to help you rapidly achieve your music goals.  Whether you’re a student who has individual lessons or takes email tuition, we’re always here to answer any questions, help you with your music assignments and lend a hand when you need it.


Get ongoing support and assistance with your music studies :)


Whenever the need arises, you simply send your question, completed work or recorded performance to the eMusicTeacher via email requesting assistance.  Once received, the eMusicTeacher reviews your work and replies promptly, providing detailed feedback.  To ensure a quick turnaround for your submission, we recommend to send work to the eMusicTeacher by 6pm each day.  Emails who meet this deadline will generally be responded to within 24-48 hours.

Thinking of enrolling for weekly individual music lessons? Ongoing email support and assistance is an additional FREE opportunity for further assistance outside of your core lesson time.

Thinking of enrolling for email tuition? You’re never forgotten!  eMusicTeacher keeps in regular contact to keep you motivated and on track with your goals.

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